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Life has gotten very busy around here the last while. My kids have felt like I’ve been living in my office.  And to be honest, I’ve felt that way some days too. But the good news is, it’s for a short time – and I’m  getting to the end. In my job, I have busy times, and slower times… and this happens to be a busy time.

I love my job. I really love my job. I am a curriculum consultant and support teacher for other homeschool families. So not only do I get to homeschool my own kids, I get  to work with other families who are travelling down this same path. How great is that?!  I get to work from home. I get to spend time with my kids. I get to spend time with other homeschooling moms talking about homeschooling.  But one of the greatest benefits is that I get to see so many different styles of homeschooling, and I get to see lots of great ideas in action. There really are  many different ways of homeschooling, and it is fun to see what other people are doing.  March is one of the busy times, when  I do home visits, look at portfolios, and write report cards, but I’m almost done them now – and I’ve got some great new ideas!

What else has kept me busy? After being inspired by Moneysavingmom, I decided to really get an idea of where my  grocery money was going, decided to work on using coupons more effectively, and created a price list of all the best prices I’ve found for items in my area. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s been fun! I always thought I was careful with my grocery money,  but I’ve been able to shave a significant amount off my monthly bill. It’s been a great contribution to our budget too.

We’ve also had an international student from Japan living with us for the last couple of weeks. The kids have really enjoyed it, and it’s been fun for them to learn a bit more about Japan. And  I’m quite sure we got the best student  – he’s so eager to learn about Canada, so polite, and so friendly… and so interested in hockey! That of course makes him a hit with my boys! They’ve had fun introducing him to road hockey, watching the Canucks together, playing video hockey…  It’s been interesting for me as well… Besides learning about Japan, I’ve learned: fifteen year old Japanese boys are the same as Canadian boys; they eat a lot! Also, driving back and forth to school across town each day takes a lot of time (making me appreciate that my kids are home schooled). And, I learned I’m not such a big fan of making lunches! Really though, it has been a neat experience. My kids have been learning about other cultures around the world this year, but nothing beats seeing someone else’s culture up close and personal.

Next week we’re taking a week (mostly) off school. I’m really looking forward to getting organized for the last term of the year, and I’m also planning to spend some time organizing and decluttering at least a few rooms in my house. I am a big fan of living simply – but somehow with five kids, even living simply takes time and effort! In between, I’m hoping to be able to get outdoors with my kids, and just enjoy being a mom. Here’s hoping for some sunny days!


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