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Finding Time to Pray

I read this post about prayer, about how we get so busy with everything that seems so important right at this moment, so busy we don’t make time to pray, and I thought “this is me”. And maybe it’s all of us, in our own busy ways, too busy to pray. Years ago, we did a Bible study called “Too Busy Not to Pray”, and it was good, and I learned a lot.

Sometimes I wonder why I so quickly forget what I’ve learned? Why I revert back to old habits? Why isn’t prayer my first priority? Lately I’ve been waking up early, and I check the clock, roll over… and fall back asleep. Maybe… God’s telling me “Wake up. Spend the first moments of your day with me.”

Anyway, this post by Ann Voskamp from aholyexperience was a good reminder to me…  to make time to pray. And really, of all the things I want to teach and model for my kids, isn’t this the most important?

When It’s Hard to Make Time for God and Prayer




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Ordinary Moments

Summer’s almost over – how did that happen so soon?! It’s been a good summer – we did nothing too exotic, besides our usual camping and day trips, but it’s been fun. I started the summer feeling really ready for a break, and that’s what I got. How awesome is it to have a job where you get the summer off with your kids? Okay maybe not the whole summer, this past week has been a pretty busy work week already! But that’s okay, because I’ve had the time off to relax, unwind … and get a renewed appreciation for the things I love about being home with my kids.

Summer fun:

Blackberry picking with the kids. Despite the thorns and scratches we spent a couple of fun mornings picking blackberries together. We made blackberry pie, put lots and lots in the freezer, and the kids even got entrepreneurial and sold some that they picked to the neighbours. $30.00 profit – not bad when you’re a kid and your only other source of money is a paper route!

Evan loves to pick blackberries

Spontaneous hugs, as I walk in the door back from my morning walk at 7:30 in the morning (or any time of day, really).

Rebecca likes hugs too....

Lots of time for games. This morning, we had breakfast and the kids raced through their morning chores of cleaning the table and loading the dishwasher. It turns out that they had already started a game of monopoly this morning before breakfast, and couldn’t wait to get back to it. They really can spend hours on that game! Now me? I like playing games with my kids, but monopoly isn’t my favourite – maybe because I’m not so good at it?  The last time I played with them, they kept trying to slip me money without me seeing… and when I landed on their properties, they would say, “That’s okay, Mom, you don’t have to pay!”

Monopoly - definitely more important than making beds!

The smell of fresh baked cookies, when I’m not the one who has made them. Rebecca is our family baker, and is getting so good at it. Yesterday she made a batch of cookies, and when I wandered into the kitchen a while later, the counters were wiped, cookies were cooling, and the dishwasher was running.  I love those summer days, when nothing to do leads to something so delicious. (Unfortunately, they’re gone too quick for pictures!)

Bracelets. Yes, that kept my kids busy for a few days this past week. I was the proud recipient of two of them. I think they stopped weaving them when they ran out of room on their arms. :)

Part of the bracelet collection

These days at home with kids, they’re going fast. But I hope when they look back, they’ll have good memories of the ordinary, everyday days, like I do.

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In our family at Christmas time, we try to keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and have a lesser focus on gifts. That isn’t always easy to do with kids, but we try! This year after all the presents were unwrapped, I thought about the two memories of my kids giving and sharing gifts that I’ve loved the most.

The first occurs early, in November. Like many of you, our family makes shoeboxes full of gifts for Operation Christmas Child, which are sent and distributed in countries to needy children. In our  family, each child uses some of their paper route money and makes up their own shoebox. We have so much fun going out shopping together, watching the kids add up their purchases to see if they have enough money for all that they would like to give. This year, a couple of kids went over what they had planned to spend, but were so happy with what they had chosen and their shoebox full of items that they didn’t care. Although the gifts are meant to help children in third world countries, giving those gifts is a privilege for our kids. They are happy to share what they have.

Our kids also have the opportunity to buy gifts for each other. We put each child’s name in a hat, and they pick out the name of one of their siblings to buy for. Then in early December (before it gets too busy!), we all head to the mall and each of the kids shops for a present for one of their brothers or sisters. I really find that they have as much fun shopping for a gift for someone else as they have opening their own gifts. The first gift each of the kids chooses from under the tree is the gift from their brother or sister. And as the gift is opened, usually the person who bought the gift is as excited as the person opening it.

Of course, we all love getting and opening gifts as well, and our family is no exception. It’s always fun to see what’s inside those packages. At the same time, it’s great to see them enjoying the giving as well. :)

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My first blog entry …

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs of family and friends, and so have decided to take the plunge.  I hope to share some of the up and downs of our (sometimes) crazy life, and record some of the memories as they happen.

In the day to day busy-ness of being a wife, a mom of five, and a homeschooling parent, sometimes I just don’t take the time  to reflect on why I love this life.  It is busy – but I don’t think there is anything I’d rather be busy with.  I love my life.  I love being at home with my kids.  I love learning along side them.  I love visiting with other homeschool moms and sharing ideas, and I’m grateful that God has led me down this path.  The days and weeks go by so quickly (too quickly!) so with this blog I hope  to remember so of those days, and to  focus on what is truly important – living the life that God wants me to live, and raising my children to love and honour him.

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