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I get butterflies in my stomach each first day of school. Each one. Did when I was a kid. Did when I was a teacher in a real classroom. Do now in my own small dining room table classroom.

When I was a kid, it was the butterflies of wondering who would be in my class. Who would be my teacher. Would I like him or her? (Would that teacher like me?)

When I taught in a classroom, it was meeting a whole new crop of kids. Wondering what this year would hold. Did I prepare enough for the first day? What kind of kids would they be? What kind of class?

Now, I’m not meeting anyone new. It’s my kids, and we’ve done this routine, four times already. But the butterflies still come. I think because I know I’m jumping into the deep end again. And the shore, it’s still distant. And I know that in the middle of it lies February. The dark days when the sun doesn’t shine enough and we’re all a bit tired and the ending is still hard to see.

So, I get butterflies. Will I really be able to teach my kids all they need to know, each and every day? Will I be enough? And will I be content knowing that I won’t? That there will be gaps (there always is)?

It’s a nervous feeling. It’s also an excited feeling. I’ve got books, great ones, that I can’t wait to dive into with my kids. I’m looking forward to those curled up on the couch reading together days.

And some of those February days? We’ll ditch the books and curriculum and ¬†bake a batch of cookies. Make some hot chocolate. Do something different, just for a day. And February will pass, and before I know it, I’ll be shaking my head and wondering how June got here so soon.

So, I’m looking forward to the year. I’m looking forward to brand new notebooks, clean,¬†with endless possibilities, sharpened pencils, and new books and curriculum. This year…. it will be a good year.


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