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Finding Time to Pray

I read this post about prayer, about how we get so busy with everything that seems so important right at this moment, so busy we don’t make time to pray, and I thought “this is me”. And maybe it’s all of us, in our own busy ways, too busy to pray. Years ago, we did a Bible study called “Too Busy Not to Pray”, and it was good, and I learned a lot.

Sometimes I wonder why I so quickly forget what I’ve learned? Why I revert back to old habits? Why isn’t prayer my first priority? Lately I’ve been waking up early, and I check the clock, roll over… and fall back asleep. Maybe… God’s telling me “Wake up. Spend the first moments of your day with me.”

Anyway, this post by Ann Voskamp from aholyexperience was a good reminder to me…  to make time to pray. And really, of all the things I want to teach and model for my kids, isn’t this the most important?

When It’s Hard to Make Time for God and Prayer





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